Past Life Regression: How Can It Help You?

The belief in reincarnation (the concept that souls are eternal and have lived many lives) is widespread even in Western  culture. Many people believe that some sort of “karma” exists, and that they have been here before. Some people experience “spontaneous regression,” or spontaneous recall of past life experiences triggered by events in the current life, which can be confusing. Some people have fears or phobias that originate in a previous life and that carry forward into the current life.

Hypnotists routinely use age regression (taking a person under hypnosis back in time to a formative event) to get to the root of when a habit formed or a phobia began. Occasionally they are surprised when a subject jumps into a previous life experience. Brian Weiss and Thelma Friedman both stumbled across past lives in their clients quite by accident in the 1960s and 70s. Interestingly enough, Thelma didn’t even believe in past lives! However, she also saw it work repeatedly as a healing modality, and believed that it would be unethical NOT to use Past Life Regression because it was so effective.

Of course, for practitioners who DO believe in past lives, it’s a no-brainer.

Theoretically, this is how it works:

There are 3 types of memory: there is cellular or Body Memory, there is personality or Ego Mind memory, and there is Soul Memory. With Past Life Regression Hypnosis, we are accessing the Higher Mind, which then becomes the guide for the experience and holds the soul memory of all previous lives. The Higher Mind will take you where you need to go in your Soul Memory in order to facilitate healing for your current life and current life situation.

Knowing about your past lives can be healing because the work may bring to your conscious mind whatever may be deeply hidden in your subconscious. Past life memories are emotionally charged, and through Past Life Regression, we can examine the event, address the issue, and release it. By doing so, we can restore balance and wholeness to the current life. Once you understand where and why the issue originates, you can take your power back.

Past Life Regression can clear the way to allow you to live fully in the present, and that is, after all, the life you are living now. Releasing past life baggage can help you move forward in your current incarnation.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore in a supportive and loving environment with a Certified Hypnotist trained to facilitate Past Life Regression, give me a call at 315.289.2030, or drop me an email at .

Many Blessings,


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Winter Open House This Weekend At the RoseHeart Center

Sunday, Dec. 4th, 2011 ~
Winter Open House
10 AM – 5 PM

~ $5 at the door ~

Door prizes – gifts certificates – Aura photograph & Reading

Gift Certificates will be available – instant help with your holiday list!

Linda Bloser and her Aura Photography

Anne Dougherty – Psychic/Medium Readings

Cindy McGinley – Animal Guide Readings

Kiki Waldron – Angel Readings

Laura Hudson – Reiki sessions

Francie Goff will present a talk on The Emotion Code at 11:30.

For more information, or for directions to the RoseHeart Center, go to To make your appointment for an Aura photograph or one of the readers, call 315-243-1828.

Soul Retrieval

      I have been practicing a form of Core Shamanism for over 15 years. I am trained in Amazonian, Celtic and certain Native American practices. I am also certified in Harner Method Shamanic Counseling.
     Shamanism is over 40,000 years old — the oldest spiritual practice in existence. All indigenous cultures have their shamanic practitioners. Shamans have always been the healers and psychologists of their communities. Shamans work in what we call “non-ordinary reality” (altered states of consciousness) to facilitate healing in ordinary reality. The Peruvian curandero, or the Koori (Australian Aboriginal) Dreamers are two good examples of indigenous shamanic practitioners. Shamanic practitioners work with their own group of compassionate spirits in non-ordinary reality to perform healing and divination. Shamanic healing can be facilitated in many ways. Soul Retrieval is only one of the methods, but it is a very effective one.
     In August, I spent a week with Sandra Ingerman at an intensive training on Soul Retrieval. Forty-five shamanic  practitioners came together at a retreat center in the Pacific Northwest to practice Soul Retrieval, Soul Release, and Soul Remembering with each other under Sandra’s adept guidance. Sandra is the top authority on Soul Retrieval (she literally wrote the book). After my training experience with Sandra, I am now very excited to offer Soul Retrieval sessions for clients at The RoseHeart Center.
     Soul loss has always been considered a major factor of illness in shamanic cultures. They have always believed that when we experience a trauma, part of our soul leaves to avoid the full  brunt of the pain — which is a great self protection mechanism, but sometimes those parts don’t find their way back on their own. Events like abuse, accident, or even divorce can cause soul loss. The shaman goes to the compassionate spirits (in a trance-like state called a shamanic journey) on the behalf of the person who is suffering soul loss and those compassionate spirits help the shaman bring the soul parts back. Soul retrieval can reunite us with those missing parts, returning to us that lost essence and vitality, and the sense of wholeness that is every person’s birthright.
          Symptoms of soul loss include:
- Disassociation
- Chronic Depression
- Immune deficiency problems
- Feeling like “I’ve never been myself since ___”
     If  you’d like to know more about Soul Retrieval and how it may help you, please read the following article written by Sandra: . If interested, please feel free to phone at 315-289-2030 or email me at with “soul retrieval” in the subject line.
     Though I would prefer to perform your soul retrieval in person at the RoseHeart Center so that you may receive the full experience, it can also be done long-distance by telephone. The average soul retrieval takes about 2 hours, with an hour-long follow-up after 2 weeks. There are also healing meditations and journaling assigned to the client between sessions. 
     Western society has ignored the spiritual aspects of wellness for so long that we are also suffering a kind of collective soul loss — a cultural soul loss. I believe that bringing the parts of our own soul back, restoring that completeness within ourselves individually, may also go a long way toward healing the collective soul of our people.
      Consider that your horse or pet may benefit from a soul retrieval as well, especially if they have had a trauma or illness.

RIP: Silvertank Crystal’s Connie, March 25, 1993 – September 7, 2011

Connie & her son, Dare
Connie & Dare

    I lost my Connie a few days ago. I have a hard time talking about it still, but writing can be cathartic, so here goes…

     I lost her to postoperative myopathy after emergency colic surgery at Cornell. She colicked badly and I took her to Cornell where we decided on surgery to try to save her life. The surgery went relatively well — they were able to untwist a portion of her large intestine that had twisted on itself. However, she developed postoperative myopathy, which can occur after a period of recumbency with general anesthesia (basically, she was laying on her back for 3 hours), and affected horses are usually unable to rise. If they do rise, they show severe tremor, weakness and easy falling. Serum muscle enzyme levels indicate gross muscle damage and both fore- and hindlimbs are affected. From WikiVet:

     “Post Operative Myopathy occurs most commonly in large well muscled horses, evident only when the horse tries to stand upon recovery and is a serious cause of post operative anaesthetic morbidity. It usually affects the dependent muscles during surgery and is thought to be caused by ischaemic damage to underperfused muscles (local deficiency of blood supply produced by vasoconstriction or local obstacles to the arterial flow). Clinical signs vary depending on severity but include: mild lameness to inability to stand; hard, swollen and painful muscles; extreme distress; sweating; difficulty breathing; restlessness. Treatment is symptomatic and includes analgesia, sedation and diuresis. Prevention is the best management for this condition and should include preventing hypotension, correct positioning of the horse during surgery and appropriate and correct padding used.” (Emphasis mine.)

Unfortunately, I do not think Cornell is equipped for draft horses. Connie weighed a fit 1828 pounds, according to their scale. But I lay no blame. I’m not sure what went wrong, or if it could have even been fixed or averted. But I will say that the surgical team tried for hours to get her on her feet, to no avail — and when it was over, were teary-eyed and visibly upset by the turn of events. I finally spoke to Connie, touched her, looked her in the eye, and asked her what she wanted to do. She was covered with sweat and physically spent, and in a lot of pain. Bless her and her fighting spirit, she just didn’t want to give up, but she was just so tired…and I gave her permission to go if she needed to. Within minutes of my decision to help her cross over, she was dying. So I spared her that last few minutes of agony, and I now only wish I had released her sooner.

I am shellshocked and distraught by the very unexpected death of my beautiful mare. I gave her every chance to live, but she didn’t. I spent thousands of dollars and long, sleepless hours fighting the good fight, but I still lost her in the end. I have been unreachable since Wednesday evening, as I process my deep and unrelenting grief. I apologize to those of you waiting for a phone call or email from me, but I needed my space. I’ll be back to work soon enough, and I appreciate your patience.

I bought Connie as an awkward, 15.2H yearling with big knees (and not quite a yearling, as I realized when I found her registration papers today, but only 10 months old). A rather uncouth aquaintance asked at the time, “What did you buy HER for?” Obviously, my uncouth aquaintance didn’t know draft horses, but I had an eye for the beauty that Connie would grow into, and I had to have her. The asking price was more than I could really afford at the time, but I paid it gladly.  I had aspirations that this mare would be the foundation of my Percheron Sport Horse breeding program.

     She became the pride of my farm, a 17.3H registered black Percheron mare with a queenly presence and a gentle disposition. Her sire was Maxwell’s Doc, a horse who’s quality I knew well, having worked with him at Rocking Horse Manor in Pompey for a couple of years. I taught Connie to ground drive and carry a rider before she was three years old.
     She was artificially inseminated by Northernhemisphere in 1999 and bore me a beautiful chestnut colt on April 14, 2000 (pictured above). Dare is registered with the American Warmblood Society and the Performance Horse Registry. He was the only foal she would ever bear, but that never mattered. She was my girl, my Connie Lee, and I loved her just for being who she was — irrepressable and irreplaceable.
     Those of you who know me know that my horses are like my children. Her loss is a huge hole in my heart. A great light has gone out of my life. Some spirits just leave an enormous void when they leave us. Connie was one of those spirits.
     Run free, my beauty. There is no pain where you are now. I’ll see you again.

Dr. Kellon Starting a New E-Zine!

Just got word today that Eleanor Kellon is starting a new e-zine, The Horse’s Mouth:

It promises to be one of the best horse mags out there, so hurry to get your subscription! (I already signed up.)



Really? Are You Kidding Me? In This Day & Age?

I got a voicemail from my colleague, Virginia Waldron, the other day. She was audibly upset, so I called her back right away.

“You won’t believe what just happened,” she began when I got her on the phone. “Our cleaning lady just quit!”

She was talking about the cleaning lady we had just hired a couple of weeks ago. The cleaning lady who came highly recommended from the office of the doctor who rents us the building that is the Roseheart Center. I was surprised, to say the least, and a bit dismayed, because none of us at Roseheart have the time to clean the offices.

“What? Really? What happened?” I asked, confused. “Is she alright?”

The story unfolded. Apparently, our new cleaning lady, who had cleaned a total of one time for us (and did a wonderful job), had decided that she couldn’t work for us. Why? Brace yourselves: she was “uncomfortable” with what we do there.

When Virginia told me that, I was floored. Really? And what are we doing that should make her so uncomfortable, I wondered? My colleague admitted that she had been too shocked to ask.

But I still wonder, to this day, why anything we do would make anyone “uncomfortable.” We are healers — body, mind and spirit. Is that a bad thing, to include Spirit in the healing equation? There are 3 of us, all independent practitioners, at Roseheart. Virginia is a certified consulting hypnotist that specializes in Past Life and Life Between Life regression, who also communicates with angels. I am a shamanic life & wellness coach who is also a certified consulting hypnotist, and Laura is a massage therapist who is also a Reiki Master. None of these things are dangerous. All of them are methods of healing for people who want to include Spirit in the mix. All of them are compatible with most belief systems, and everything we do comes from the heart. We are good people doing good things for the world, doing our part to help move us all forward as a species.

And seriously — it’s a job. We pay good money! “Uncomfortable?!”

I was a bit taken aback that such a young woman would be so fearful in this Age of Enlightenment, and in the United States of America. It saddens and disappoints me that people still don’t realize that many roads lead to the same place, and that there are as many ways to connect with the Divine as there are people in the world. Nobody’s way is the “one true way,” and people who think they have the corner on that “one true way” need to get over themselves. I feel very sorry for people who can’t recognize good work when they see it, even if it isn’t necessarily their way.

I will continue to do my work to brighten the world. I recommend that we all do, in our way, and join hands to help each other, no matter our spirituality. Let’s work to try to help people understand that just because they may not understand doesn’t mean it’s BAD.

In the meantime, we could use a cleaning person at the Roseheart Center, twice a month. Only those who can co-exist with people following alternative spiritualities need apply.



Bunny Beats Up Snake

Want to see a rabbit chase a snake up a tree? Watch this YouTube video! Bunny Whips Snake

Just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how cute and fluffy you are — the heart of a lion lurks inside everyone, just waiting for the right situation to bring it out!

I laughed like crazy. Enjoy!




Some Musings on the Coaching Partnership

In my introductory sessions, I have to tell the client that I am not a therapist, nor should coaching be confused with any sort of therapy. There are some similarities to therapy, however, and the one similarity I’d like to address today is the matter of commitment to the relationship.

When someone engages in therapy, they enter the relationship with the understanding that it will likely be long-term. After all, you can’t get to know someone and all their issues in one hour-long session. That hour session can be a pretty good start,  especially if the client is open and honest. But there are so many facets to a person’s life and personality (and more often than not, multiple issues that intertwine) that it would really be unreasonable to believe all of one’s problems could be solved in one initial meeting.

Any relationship that is going to be beneficial must grow and deepen over time. Coaching is a relationship like any other. And while the coaching relationship begins and develops in order to help you accelerate your dreams, there are no shortcuts to learning the skills that a good coach will teach you toward that end. A client shouldn’t expect to present a problem to the coach and have it be solved in one hour. The coach can get you started on the right path in an hour and give you strategies to implement in the future, but a one-hour intro session is not coaching. It’s rather like eating a bit of pepperoni and calling it pizza. While it’s certainly part of the pizza, it isn’t the whole pie.

When I begin a relationship with a client, I am committed to the long-term. I am going to stay with you until WE (you and I, together) decide that you don’t need me anymore. But you have to give it a chance. That’s why I insist that new clients sign up for, at the very least, an initial 3 months — so that you can see for yourself at the end of that term how far you have come. So that you can see for yourself how you have benefitted from being coached, and how the strategies we have implemented together have brought you that much closer to realizing your dreams. Most clients benefit so much that they stay an average of 9 months; appropriate, as we are certainly “birthing” a new you. Growth and change don’t happen overnight.

In the same vein, one shamanic journey won’t answer all your questions. One hypnosis session won’t make or break a habit, or instantly change an ingrained behavior. These techniques are simply some of the tools I use in a blanket coaching practice that is focused on complete wellness for the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Not bits and pieces of you, but ALL of you. You are a complicated person with many facets, and I want to help you live in balance. I’m not going to allow you to shortchange yourself. That’s the reason I’m not big on offering “ala carte” services. I would much rather coach you in a consistent way, using every skill I have at my disposal, so that you have a greater chance of making the changes that make the difference in your life.

Coaching is a partnership. I partner with you to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Your long-term commitment to the partnership is one crucial element of your success.

Happy Mother’s Day,




Registration is now open for the First Annual ECIR Group No LAMINITIS!

Registration is now open for the First Annual ECIR Group No LAMINITIS!

Attendees may register via Pay Pal here

When: August 5, 6 & 7, 2011
Where: Syracuse, New York
Featured Speakers : Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD
Members of the ECIR Group Support Team

Registrations received by June 5 qualify for Early Bird ticket
discount price of $150.00. Registration after June 5 will be $175.00

Many plans have been finalized including Friday Night (August 5) Meet
and Greet and Saturday (August 6) BBQ thanks to our Gold Benefactors.
They currently include Auburn Labs, HorseTech, Triple Crown and
Uckele. Please say thanks to these companies next time you talk with

The No LAMINITIS! Conference is being hosted by DeMario Farms and
Black Horse Consulting, Chittenango, NY. A block of rooms has been set
aside at the Days Inn about ten minutes away from Demario Farms.
Check out the Where to Stay button for this and other options
including camping areas. When you reserve, let them know you are with
the ECIR Group for a ten percent lodging discount.

You can also see the ECIR Group on Facebook.

Thanks to Patti K for all the cyber work!


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