Are You Ready for Transformation?


Do you want to change your life, but don’t know where or how to start? Do you get the sense that there is something more you should be doing, but can’t quite figure it out? Are you looking for your life purpose — your soul purpose?

When you begin to align with the purpose of your spirit, your heart begins to heal and you grow into your full potential. Then everything else begins to change for the better. Your mind and body will become healthier as well. This is true whether we are human or equine in nature. We have to heal from the inside out — there is no other lasting way. When all aspects of your being are healthy and aligned to your soul purpose, you can then optimize the unity of mind, body, and spirit to live a fulfilling and happy life. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Black Horse Consulting, with a proven program based in both Spirit and Science, can help you:

  • Discover your purpose
  • Renew your passion for life
  • Live with a sense of lightness or buoyancy
  • Feel alive, vital, & energetic
  • Attract & extend more love
  • Be at peace and fully present

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UPDATE on Deirdre & Lily

As we go into the the Holiday Weekend here’s where we have been and where we are now. Links to important info, articles and contacts here in this update.

The June 30th surrender date was avoided by injunction. Many thanks to Attorney James P. Roman for helping us act on very short notice. All action to take the deer was temporarily stayed, with a hearing for both parties to present their case on July 24th.

Cindy was in touch with Attorney Val Washington who was very generous and supportive.

Here’s more about Counselor Washington

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Please Save Deirdre & Lily! Sign Petition!

Lily and Deirdre, 050515

Lily and Deirdre, 05/05/15

The DEC insists I either release or euthanize non-releasable deer! Read their stories here:

The Girls Part One

The Girls Part Two

Sign the petition here:

NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Wants to Kill Captive Deer

Join and follow the “Save Deirdre & Lily” FaceBook Page for Updates: Click here.

And if you feel so moved, you may help offset my legal fees by donating here.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!


The Girls – Part 2: The Story of Lily

Lily, September 2014

Lily, September 2014

(If you haven’t read  Part 1  yet, read about Deirdre by clicking here.)

Lily came to us at the end of last summer. My friend Lauri texted to let me know that my neighbors (about four houses down from my house) had a fawn captured in their dog run and said they would like me to come and get it. She gave me their phone number and I called to see what was going on. It seems this fawn had been wandering for days around their home and wandering into the road. They were worried it was going to get hit by a car. I went to get the fawn, and it was pretty close to being on its last legs – the fact that it was so easy to catch was an indication that it was in a weakened state. I could tell that this baby had not had its mother for some time. The logical conclusion was that the mother had been hit by a car on the Thruway, which runs right behind the neighbor’s house. [Read more…]

The Girls – Part 1: The Story of Deirdre

Deirdre, 1-2 days old

Deirdre, 1-2 days old

Several years ago, I traveled to Boston in August by train to attend a week-long intensive that resulted in certification in Shamanic Counseling. It was a fascinating and sometimes grueling 5 days of shamanic journeying and self-evaluation.

For those who aren’t familiar with what a shaman is or does, let me explain briefly. Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind, dating back at least 40,000 years. The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and it means spiritual healer or one who sees in the dark. It is now used as a general term for a spiritual healer that works with the spirit world in a particular way. A shaman is a man or woman who uses his or her ability to “see” what is normally hidden in order to gain guidance from the spirit realms (an ability that the Celts call the “Second Sight”).  Shamanism has been practiced in Siberia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland, and native North and South America, and is enjoying a resurgence in the Western world today. [Read more…]

TBI Part II: How Shamanism Helped My Brain Heal

black pegasusAfter my horse Dare clocked my noggin, as I mentioned in Part I of this blog (which you can read here if you like), I suffered post-concussive syndrome. Post-concussive syndrome is a collective term for the after-effects of mild traumatic brain injury. As a shamanic practitioner and a scientist, I was intrigued by the recovery process that I was experiencing. I took note of the things that were different about me and the slow progress toward recovering my normal brain function again.

One of the effects I was left with was blurry vision. I had halos around every letter, and it didn’t matter if it was a road sign or a textbook. I saw an optometrist and she said my eyes were fine, but that my brain was telling my eyes to do two different things. [Read more…]